The Number One Key To Entrepreneurial Success


Knowledge is Power, defined as the acquiring of facts, information, and skills through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Knowledge influences your morals, attitude, and all around character. People assume that all you have to do is work hard and you will be successful. But whats all that hard work if your craft is not perfect and you are not educated in your field. I see it all the time, especially in artistic entrepreneurial ventures. 

For example: Clothing Labels/Lines

Starting a clothing label seems to be the most popular “get rich quick scheme”. But if you were educated in the artistic industry, you would know that clothing labels, and art & design in general, is not a get rich quick business. Many people create two or three graphic designs and throw them on 50 different products: tshirts, bracelets, hoodies, socks, hats, etc. Your line is redundant and unoriginal. People literally just wake up one day and say im going to start a clothing line and put it on instagram. 

You jump into the business unaware and uneducated of the necessary skills. Educate yourself on basic design principals, graphic design software, marketing and promotion tactics, cash flow elements, pricing, e-commerce, etc…

Nothing more annoying than a wannabe entrepreneur that has no clue what they are doing but yet is always flaunting how much they’re “grinding”.

Without knowledge, your business goes no where but down or stays the same. You will always be local and dependent on the co-sign of others, which can only get you so far temporarily. As an entrepreneur, you are going to have more bad days than goo. No matter what happens, the one thing that can’t be taken from you is your mind. And the more you know, the better prepared you are. 

"If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability."

-Henry Ford

Written by Adrianna Seeney

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Three Dumb Success Myths That Do Not Work


1. “Not sleeping will make you rich”

This is by far the most ignorant and most common success myth. You hear it all the time: “Sleep is for the rich” ; “I’m working while ya’ll sleeping” ; “No rest, just work”. Not sleeping will NOT make you rich. In fact, it will probably slow the process. It is vital that you keep your body healthy and strong to perform efficiently daily. People seem to think working hard means sacrificing your health in return. I always make sure I get a good night’s rest and feed my body with key nutrients. In return, I am energized and ready for a hard day’s work. During the summer time, when school is out, I generally sleep until about 11am-12pm. I wake up, exercise, and do my normal morning routine. My day starts at about 1-2pm and does not end until about 1am. Throughout my 12 hour day, I was energized, feeling good, looking good, and working efficiently. 

2. “Being like everyone else will make you successful”

You see this a lot in the high fashion, streetwear, and music industry. When ever there is a new popular trend, wannabe entrepreneurs hop on the bandwagon. In the art world, whether it be music, fashion, painting… the ONLY way to success is innovation. The various art industry is a very competitive market. Though i have seen bandwagon artist blow up, do not be fooled, their success is only temporary. While everyone is doing leather clothing, and changing their voice sounding dumb in their songs, you need to stand out and bring something new to the table. The only way to have a steady and heavy cash flow is if your product or service is innovative and original. You are selling an item or service that people can only get from YOU. Making unpopular decisions is part of the business world and truly successful people, even in their personal lives, focus on the appropriate and ethical thing to in any given situation. In other words, successful people are usually not concerned with making sure people like them.

3. Working to make your “dreams” come true.

Everyone has a dream. Its good to dream. But at some point you have to wake up, stop dreaming, and set goals. A dream is an intangible desire to accomplish something. That’s all it will ever be. A goal involves an tangible process. You have to actually do something to accomplish a goal. Not just think about it everyday. Tell yourself “this is what I want to do, this is how i am going to do it, and do it. 


Picasso - The Old Guitarist 1903Oil 123 x 83 cm

Picasso - The Old Guitarist 1903
Oil 123 x 83 cm

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Lesson #1: Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom.

Lesson #2: Between style and fashion - absolutely fashion. 

Lesson #3: Fashion is always uncomfortable, if you feel comfortable you’ll never get the look.

Lesson #4: Fabulous at every age.

Lesson #5: Wearing night clothes in the day time is unexpected.

Lesson #6: Somebody wearing your same outfit - Wonderful you did the right choice. 

Lesson #7: You must wear outfit once.

Lesson #8: Wear a coat as a dress.

Lesson #9: It doesn’t matter the size of your body  - Fashion flatters every figure.

Lesson #10: Flashy jewels personalize your style.

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